The multi-award-winnning film GASLAND, will be screened at X-Base on Thursday 17 November.

Part vérité travelogue, part exposé, part mystery, part showdown, GasLand is “a compelling and emotional first-person story of discovery and, ultimately, empowerment. Rough-hewn yet poetic, the film is a desperate plea for scrutiny of a powerful industry that has now turned its eyes on a new, massive and (for now) largely unexplored territory: Australia”.

In Australia, concerns about coal seam gas extraction relate not just to the contribution of escaping methane to atmospheric carbon loads and climate change (methane is a greenhouse gas 20+ times worse than CO₂), the process of ‘fracking’ (the high pressure injection of water and a myriad of chemicals into the coal seam in order to fracture the seam and release the gas), and the vast quantities of salt water occurring as a by-product of the CSG process, but also to the potential for damage to and pollution of artesian bores, and the acquisition of prime farming land by the CSG industry.

In Queensland there are already almost 1000 mines – and another 49,000 are anticipated!

Brought to you by MINCA (Magnetic Island Nature Care Association)

Free admission, donations appreciated!
(Includes free nibbles courtesy of X-Base!)
Following the 2011 MINCA AGM, held on 9 October at MI RSL Hall, a new Management Committee was appointed. The new team, ready and raring to go, is made up of:
(Photo: Ben Chapman)
Not this koala... but:
Wendy Tubman (President)

Gail Hamilton (Vice-president)

Peter Jones (Secretary)

Audrey Ledbrook

Mel Williams, will be taking over from Pen Sheridan as Membership officer.

The team already has a plethora of ideas for what MINCA can be involved in over the coming year, and will be meeting shortly to prioritise the list. Members (and others) are welcome to make suggestions for suitable projects. If you have an issue that is dear to your heart, please email Wendy at president@minca.org

Otherwise, stay tuned for news of new and ongoing campaigns and activities. And, if you are not yet a member, or know someone who isn't but would like to be, please go to our membership page for details on how to join up.

Thanks to Marjorie and the team for steering MINCA through a successful 2010/11. And a big thanks also to Ben Chapman and Matilda Mathieu-Burry for their stewardship of the website.